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Olivia: Priestess of Isis

Review: Pagan Dawn Beltane Issue 2011

‘Olivia, Priestess of Isis’, colour film, available on DVD at £25.00 from www.logicreality.co.uk.

Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, will be known to many in the Pagan and Goddess spirituality communities. Now in her 90s, she has dedicated her life to reviving the worship of the Goddess and into turning The Fellowship of Isis into a worldwide movement for women and men. 

Steven Jones and Dennis Murphy’s film is a beautiful tribute to Olivia and her work. ‘Olivia, Priestess of Isis’ follows Olivia for a year, as she celebrates the seasons and venerates the Goddess in the temple beneath her home in Clonegal Castle in Ireland. The Egyptian Goddess Isis is important for Olivia; but so too are the Goddesses in all their many forms and in the flm we see her celebrating the ancient Goddesses of Ireland and Goddesses worldwide.   

Olivia and her brother and sister-in-law founded the Fellowship of Isis in 1976 as an international, multi-cultural and multi-faith organisation. While it has great appeal to Pagans, it attracts people of all faiths. This spirit of inclusivity is one of the qualities that stands out in Olivia’s refreshingly down-to-earth and at the same time highly spiritual worldview. Her robust belief that deities and nature spirits prefer dialogue with humans as equals and prefer veneration and communication to worship is another of the characteristics of her approach. 

Not many people can say casually, ‘Oh yes, I remember Yeats.’ Olivia has lived through almost a century of change in the material world and in the spiritual needs and vision of humankind. She is one of the last living contacts with the spiritual visionaries of the nineteenth century. This film captures her philosophy, vision, personality and humour in a way that will enable generations after to see and to hear her. Olivia’s insight, humour and extraordinary vitality shine throughout the film. 

‘Find me in the heart of love,’ is a phrase in one of the lovely Goddess charges that Olivia says during the film. The making of this film is an act of love by Dennis and Steven and in making it they have performed a great service. Many of the founding elders of our community have gone into the next world before their lives and thought were recorded for posterity. We are fortunate that in Olivia’s case Dennis and Steven’s work has ensured this is not so.

Dennis and Steven will be talking about the making of the film and showing extracts at the Pagan Federation’s 40th anniversary celebration at the Royal Geographic Society London.

Vivianne Crowley

Poster of above iconic image of Lady Olivia available upon request. Does not contain DVD logo so makes a good wall hanging in frame. See "contact us" in side bar for details. 


Olivia Priestess of Isis :

Click here to read Olivia's Obituary  in The Daily Telegraph. 

A feature length documentary exploring the life and philosophy of one of the founder members of The Fellowship of Isis, Lady Olivia Robertson: Priestess of Isis. The film documents Olivia over the course of one year. It offers a unique insight to the rites and rituals of The Fellowship of Isis. Lady Olivia granted full access to her home and The Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle Ireland during the making of this wonderful film.

Also contains dramatised footage of "The Apparition of Isis", taken from the novel "The Golden Ass" by Lucius Apuleius. 

Filmed and Edited by Dennis Murphy.

Produced and Narrated by Steven Jones and Dennis Murphy. 

Logic Reality ©2011 

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